Enbor . escreveu:
>> If i understand correctly, "root (hd0,5)" is because it is in an
>> extended partition. No DOS can boot from extended partitions.
> Yes, is a logical/extended partition, but I've read that it's possible
> to boot from there using Grub, maybe that's no true?

I have never seen it done, nither DOS or Windows up to 98 ;-)

>> I recomend that you use GPARTED and move it to a primary partition.
> It's no so easy, I have 3 primary partitions and one logical with two
> extended, so it would by hard to fix it...

Can't your other partitions be moved to extended partitions?

Apart from the very annoying Linux problem of reconfiguring all your 

> I've just found this, from Grub's manual:
> Command: makeactive
> Set the active partition on the root disk to GRUB's root device. This
> command is limited to primary PC partitions on a hard disk.
> So it has no sense to use that option.

The "active" atribute is only defined for primary partitions...


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