Well, seems that booting FreeDOS from a extended partition is
impossible or at least very har, so I have make a primary partition of
1GB on my secondary disk. It's called "hdb2" by Linux.

Know the problem is that when I try to install FreeDOS, xfdisk says
that my new partition is hidden. I don't know what this means. Also it
has not drive letter.

Anyway, I have tried to install the OS, because the FreeDOS
installation disk finds 3 HD, and as I have 3 FAT partitions, I have
thought that the third one must be the one in which I want to install
FreeDOS (despite of the letters soon by xfdisk said that my partition
isn't one of those 3).

Voi·là, E: partition was the new created one, and FreeDOS has been
installed successfully. But when I've tried to boot on it, after the
screen to select the FreeDOS mode, several errors appears, saying that
the system can't find command.com and autoexec.bat. Both files are in
the root of the partition.

I don't understand this, does anybody know how to fix this?


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