Hi Christian,

> I would like to hear what other kernel developers think about this.
I agree with Christians point of view (not quoted here).

while the original DOS-C kernel was probably programmed using
(semi-) official documentation only (and which was hardly usable for
any real world program), the current FreeDOS kernel
depends heavily on reverse engineering MSDOS. and this includes
disassembling MS-DOS when necessary and practical, as done by
Schulman et. al. and many others, which is (partly) documented in the
RBIL and many other places (Undocumented DOS).

I don't see a problem with that. I don't see either how this would
transfer MS code into our kernel.

I completely disagree with Eric's and Jim's view that 'RBIL is the

there's exactly one bible - and this is the MSDOS X.Y io.sys; free
free to choose X and Y


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