Hi Tom,

>>> but there are good news, too: as there is no development
>>> going on, there's no urgent need to test ;)
>> With automated testing those who want to could reactivate
>> the unstable branch and stabilize it, for example...
> it might show that it's unstable. fixing it is an entirely
> different story.

As said, I started making an overview of the differences
between 2035 (common ancestor) and 2037 (unstable branch).

My hope is that people can pick the nice and tame bits to
make them suitable for the stable 2038 kernel branch and
pick the experimental bits and clean them up to make the
unstable branch a bit more nice. Help would be welcome to
make this list more complete, thanks :-).

As neither the wiki.fdos.org nor the apps.sourceforge freedos wiki
let me create a page and the fd-doc wiki is deprecated, I took the
freedom to create a page on the drdoswiki (blush)... Enjoy :-).


Note that only exactly half of the SVN uploads that make
the difference between 2035 and 2037 are described yet.

>> By the way, what is your opinion: Why is there (almost) no
>> development going on for FreeDOS kernel and FreeCOM shell?
> because any possible development that *might* exist is not made
> available to the public (e.g. the latest kernel reachable from
> freedos.org is dated Jul 2006).

You are right, there were no zipped up file releases. But there
was development... The unstable branch has stalled, most recent
changes are basically only from Jeremy and Lucho, 3-4 years ago.


There is a bit of life in the stable kernel, though, last SVN
uploads are 9 months ago and a small pile of patches is waiting
for review or at least upload to SVN...


You can get precompiled 2038 kernels here:


> why should anybody develop for the kernel ?

Maybe because there are bugs or maybe because one wants new
features. In particular MERGING the country and country sys
handling of stable and unstable would be interesting, so you
can have basic country settings without country sys file and
full country support as soon as you do use country sys files.


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