Personally, I fail to see how lfn could be patented in the first place.
All it does is add a continuation char as the last letter of the  
filename, and if that char is there, then you include the next entry  
in the file table, and so on until thee is no more continuation  
characters, then you have the whole filename.
It's just a hack (and a piss poor one if you ask me), and I fail to  
see how such a thing could be patentable, but I'm not the least bit  
interested in lawyer-type things, so I'm apparently missing  
something.  However, using the description of the way it works, ms  
can't accuse you of stealing their patent, since you didn't use any ms  
code to do so.
Of course, I have no doubt that if they so desired, they'd try to do  
just that anyhow.
Overall though, I doubt ms would do anything of the sort, since  
they're not the least bit interested in dos anymore, and a free  
alternative isn't goind to cut into their profits, which is usually  
the reason for them trying to force compliance via suit, since there's  
no monitary gain here.

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