> had to run the install CD twice to get FreeDOS installed on the hard drive.

Known problem, the 1.0 distro is obsolete and buggy ...

> My experience was that about half of the ones i tried on FreeDOS worked.

Make sure to update the kernel, HIMEM to HIMEMX, EMM386 to nothing or

> Forget to check if there was a wave file player that came installed with 
> FreeDOS.
> What do others use to play those files?


> Also, could not play MOD files.  My favorite program sound2 (based on
> SoundTracker), just hangs.  Any recommendations on a good mod file player?

On the wishlist for MPXPLAY.

> I couldn't help thinking Timidity++ would be great for playing midi and mod 
> files.
> It works even without a sound card

How ? PC speaker ? WAV file output ?

> I have a ton of old BASIC programs.  Any recommendations on a good BASIC 
> interpreter?

No, get FreeBASIC compiler. There are some interpreters but AFAIK
they are de facto unusable.

> Is there a good way to slow down old DOS games like pinball?

* "SLOWDOWN" (at your risk, I don't use it)
* BOCHS emulator (host OS = emulated OS = DOS)

> My favorite DOS programming editor 
> (ftp://garbo.uwasa.fi/pc/editor/edwin15c.zip)
> fails and won't run.  Has anyone been able to get edwin working on FreeDOS?

NO (no test), I prefer KINESICS, INFOPAD, FASM IDE.

> Is there a PNG viewer for FreeDOS?


>  I tried an old copy of Pictview and it seems to work well on most
> graphics types but lacked PNG support.

It DOES support PNG. Update.

> Is there a good forum or mailing list for discussing
> porting/compiling Open Source applications to DOS?

This one ;-) & BTTR .

> Still trying to get my bearings with FreeDOS, so any pointers to
> documentation, how-to's, etc. greatly appreciated.

freedos.org drdos.org

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