>> My favorite DOS programming editor 
>> (ftp://garbo.uwasa.fi/pc/editor/edwin15c.zip)
>> fails and won't run. Has anyone been able to get edwin working on FreeDOS?

Eric Auer wrote:
>Please describe the failure in more detail. Tried with
>minimal drivers, HIMEM or HIMEMX and nothing else?

Tried it with the out-of-the-box FreeDOS setup in fdconfig.sys.  So whatever it 
set up, I used.  I tried each of the 3 boot options at the beginning.  Every 
time I run the program it says it can't find the overlay file.  The install 
program says it can't find the edwin.com program.  The files all sitting in the 
same directory.  If you want, you can pull down the program from the garbo 
archive and see if it does any better on your machine.  I even tried running it 
with HX extender and got the same results.

Any good text/programming editors that can handle switching between multiple 
documents and with good keymapping support?  I really need an editor I can 
remap the command keys with since I'm pretty used to using certain key 
sequences.  I guess I can always get by on edit or pico or nano if I can't find 
anything else.  One place I worked, we used to use Brief.  It was a nice 
programming editor.

Mateusz Viste wrote:
>You'll need also GUS instruments to make it work with MIDI (I can >provide you 
>GUS files if you won't be able to find them).

Timidity can also work with GUS patches.  I have the FreePats standard GUS 
patch distribution.  FreePats is the only group I've found that's working on 
Open Source patch and sf2 files.  By the way, they need volunteers.  So, if 
anyone can record some instruments to share or wants to help out in any way, 
please let them know.  The FreePats project site is:

Found copies of Timidity for DOS:
Now I just have to try to get it set up properly.  That's usually a nuisance.

Tried mpxplay.  Works fine on my machine for midi files.

Any good Karaoke players out there (for kar files)?  I'll see if I can get 
Timidity working for that purpose, but there's a recent patch for midi karaoke 
(kar) files created with abc2midi that I'm sure never made it into the older 
builds of the program.

I also tried mplayer.  Seemed to work without crashing, although the display 
jittered and there was a lot of text in the background.  Is there a version of 
vlc or xine that works on DOS?

dos386 wrote:
> No, get FreeBASIC compiler. There are some interpreters but...
Eric Auer wrote:
>>FreeBASIC usually works very well and it has a QBASIC compat mode :-)

Don't need Qbasic, just basic.  Does FreeBASIC only compile or can it run 
programs in interpreted mode?  Would prefer interpreted.  I still have my 
Microsoft Basic Professional Compiler for DOS.  I bought the last version 
before they switched to Visual Basic.  Any big differences between it and 
FreeBASIC as far as building programs?  I tried out some old applications I'd 
built using my Basic compiler on FreeDOS.  All of them seemed to run.  Only 
issue was with sound, which doesn't appear to be working using the BASIC 

I downloaded the latest version of pictview plus many of the files at
Didn't see any instructions on how to update.  Hope unziping in the \FDOS 
directory is okay, because that's what I did.  Still appears to be booting and 
running okay.

Eric Auer wrote:
> nothing or JEMM

Is there a web site or a how to with instructions on how to switch some of 
these and which ones to use?  A sample fdconfig.sys with some of these would be 

I've been trying for a few days now to get USB working.  Checked out the 
FreeDOS wiki on the subject and the sites it pointed to and some others the 
search engine brought up.  Tried at least 4 different methods.  Nothing seemed 
to work.  I tried again after updating the kernel and other files today.  I put 
the following in my fdconfig.sys:
and then ran dosuhci.  It crashed or hung a lot.  I did finally manage to get a 
directory of my e: drive (USB flash drive).  The first time I try dir e: on a 
drive it takes an incredibly long time to run, like 5 minutes or more.  Once it 
showed the directory for a first time, performance got a little better.  
However, trying to get a directory of my CD when this stuff is loaded crashed 
my system.  Any tips on getting better performance from a USB drive?  I'm 
thrilled I can at least get a directory some of the time and it seems to be 
able to copy some files.  Does size of the USB drive affect how well it 
performs?  Was wondering if I should stay with the smaller drives so it might 
display the directory faster?  Hope this gets less buggy in future releases (of 
FreeDOS and the USB driver).

>> One last question. Is there a good forum or mailing list for >>discussing 
>> porting/compiling Open Source applications to DOS?
Mateusz Viste wrote:
>Sure. You just posted to such mailing list ;-)

Okay, any suggestions on best basic command line options to use with djgpp or 
OpenWatcom when compiling apps for FreeDOS?  Any special settings or 
optimizations recommended?

I tried compiling lcal and pcal (at Sourceforge) yesterday and both built fine 
with djgpp, but they have a djgpp makefile already.  I also tried diffh (also 
at Sourceforge) with djgpp.  Had to copy the makefiles and .Tpo files from the 
mingw build over in order to get it to compile, but then it built.  Any good 
place to share applications or what patches are needed to get them building?




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