On Saturday 06 June 2009 14:22 (CEST), LM wrote:
> I couldn't help thinking Timidity++ would be great for playing midi and mod 
> files.  It works even without a sound card and has pdcurses and ncurses 
> interfaces.  Has anyone had any luck porting Timidity++ to DOS?

On the other hand, there is a player which does a similar job (ie plays MIDI 
files using on-disk instruments, without needing a MIDI-aware soundcard) - 
search for "OpenCubic Player" ;-)
You'll need also GUS instruments to make it work with MIDI (I can provide you 
GUS files if you won't be able to find them).

> I have a ton of old BASIC programs.  Any recommendations on a good BASIC 
> interpreter?  I've tried some Open Source ones in the past on other 
> platforms, but they didn't seem to fully support all the commands the 
> programs would need to run.

FreeBASIC. Definitely.

> Is there a good way to slow down old DOS games like pinball?  I remember 
> trying programs like whoa on years ago and they didn't seem to work well for 
> what I needed.

Try FDAPM, or search for slowdos.

> Is there a PNG viewer for FreeDOS?  I tried an old copy of Pictview and it 
> seems to work well on most graphics types but lacked PNG support.

Personally, I am using the wonderful "Sea DOS Viewer". It is shreware software 
(not free), sorry.

> One last question.  Is there a good forum or mailing list for discussing 
> porting/compiling Open Source applications to DOS?

Sure. You just posted to such mailing list ;-)

Best regards,
Mateusz Viste
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