> I haven't gotten the positive response I had hoped for trying

yeah :-(

> to drum up some interest in a Windows 9x replacement.

NO thanks. :-(

> Some have talked about possibly enhacing HX extender

Very good idea.

> and cloning Windows 3.x first, which makes a lot of sense.


> Maybe it doesn't make sense to replace dog based Windows.
> Maybe dog based Windows is dead.


> So what to do those of us who like some program or need
> some program that requires
> a dog based version of Microsoft Windows?

1. HX (no Win16 NE support)
2. ReactOS
3. W[h]hine
4. Replace the program

> There is an open source service pack for Windows 98 SE,
> but it doesn't fix everything that's wrong.

Indeed, especially  it doesn't fix the license.

> I run freedos natively.  I have given up on trying to
run it under vmware.


> Internet Exporer 5 and earlier, maybe 6.

Hardest-core CRAP, please don't pull it out if it's grave.

> Command and Conquer Red Alert Windows 95 edition by Westwood Associates

I don't know this one.

> Blake Stone Aliens of Gold requires the MS-DOS 6.22
> Wolfenstein 3D has the same problem because it's probably based on
> the same underlying engine.  It starts under Freedos, but none of the keys 
> work.

Open a new clean thread to discuss those 2 only, no ME cloning !!!

> Microsoft Office for Windows 9x.

Get some other office.

> Warcraft II Battle Net edition requires Windows 95 or higher.  Under NT,
> it becomes clear that it isn't designed for it when you have to become
> Administrator to get it to run.
> Diablo II requires Windows 9x or higher, but it's not designed for NT
> either also having the Administrator issue.

Ok, just get Administrator, problem anihillated :-)

> Insert other programs that need Windows 9x or Windows 3.x to work...

I have none. :-)

~~~ wow ~~~

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