Aitor wrote:

> If you refer to the "cursor blinking bug" that was supposed to appear
> on 0.9a, so far I only know of a single PC of a single user

2 PC's from 6 ... one user (talking for me for now)

> bug appears (apparently the user had some problem with his BIOS)

But nobody had so far an idea what the BIOS could do wrong or how to test it
(while you can test the "128-sector-BUG" or the
"VESA-B.S.-readout-BUG" for example)

> Frankly in my opinion the mouse pointer has always blinked too much
> (in ALL versions of EDIT), and it is in my todo list (of short-term changes).

Good, let's just wait :-)

> > mouse cursor invisible on some PC's
> "some"? Do you have evidences of it to happen in more than ONE PC

just 2

~~~ wow ~~~

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