I have such an audiocard, wich are listed in the soundcardfile from MPXPLAY
with native hardware access.
My problem is I have some games, I like to try with audio, but I can´t make
it work.

I looked for the helpfiles over and over, but nothing describe a soundcard
installer or so to do what I wanna do^^.

In the autoexec.bat I found the VIAUDIO row, but in the
C:\FDOS\Packages\VIAX is a file depends.txt and in there is the word "wget".
I haven´t install wget because I have such a mobile Internet and DOS can´t
work with that.

Could I install wget and get sound without working wget

I have found in the internet a DOSDRV for Audigy 1, but to install it I need
Windows, I tried to install Windows 3.11 on FreeDos drive but after
installation the Windows try to start but my PC falls to sleep and nothing
happens. And on Win7 x64 I can´t work with most 32bit applications.

Result: MPXPLAY works with the Audiocard in DOS very fine, good sound up to
999pitch in 15 seconds^^ so I think an emulation could emulate a normally
Soundblaster driver for that working soundsupport from MPXPLAY

If anyone have a idea how that can work for me i would be pleased to check
it out, thanks

Greetings Johannes alias Jareika

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