Hi Johannes,

> I have such an audiocard, which are listed in the soundcardfile from MPXPLAY
> with native hardware access.
> My problem is I have some games, I like to try with audio, but I can´t make
> it work.

Like many modern soundcards, the Audigy soundcard will be AC97
or HDA compatible. In DOS, sound drivers are part of individual
games or media players like MPXPLAY. Your games are most likely
from the time when SoundBlaster soundcards were standard, so it
is not possible to use them with any card which no longer does
support SB16 compatibility.

> In the autoexec.bat I found the VIAUDIO row...

VIAAUDIO is just a tool to enable the SoundBlaster compatibility
mode of certain (mainboard onboard) soundcards and set a proper
volume in the mixer. It only helps you in DOS because the actual
hardware of the VIA chip already supports a SoundBlaster mode.

> Could I install wget and get sound without working wget
> (internetconnection)?

You can use another computer to download the file, but as said,
the file is only useful for exactly that VIA chip...

> I have found in the internet a DOSDRV for Audigy 1, but to install
> it I need Windows, I tried to install Windows 3.11 on FreeDos drive
> but after installation the Windows try to start but my PC falls to
> sleep and nothing happens. And on Win7 x64 I can´t work with most
> 32bit applications.

That is a common and very annoying problem. Some possibilities:

- ask somebody with an old Windows version to unpack DOSDRV for you
- try if UNZIP or 7ZIP can unzip the DOSDRV installer directly
- run the DOSDRV installer in Wine in Linux or maybe in ReactOS

To comment on the issue with Windows for Workgroups 3.11 in FreeDOS:
This is a very widespread but very unusual version of Windows 3, as
it only works in "386enh" mode. That mode only works if Windows can
encapsulate DOS into a multitasking bubble. The support for that is
experimental in FreeDOS. Using Windows 3.0 or 3.1 in standard mode
is probably easier. You can also try the "safe mode" equivalent of
WfW 3.11, but be aware that as in Win95 and Win98, this is a quite
limited mode as most WfW 3.11 drivers only come in 386enh style.

Note that all old versions of Windows also have problems if you
have more than 256 MB of RAM, but can be made to work with up to
1 GB of RAM with tricks (reduce overcommit / swap). If you have
even more RAM, you have to tell your HIMEMX or XMGR or JEMMEX to
ignore the rest of your RAM so Windows does not get overwhelmed.

> Result: MPXPLAY works with the Audiocard in DOS very fine, good
> sound up to 999pitch in 15 seconds^^ so I think

Yes, MPXPLAY has very nice drivers for modern soundcards :-)

> an emulation could emulate a normally Soundblaster driver
> for that working soundsupport from MPXPLAY

The Audigy DOSDRV does not emulate a SoundBlaster DRIVER. It is a
much more complex software which creates the "virtual hardware"
illusion of having a SoundBlaster and then streams the audio from
that simulation to the actual Audigy hardware in whichever non-SB
format that soundcard actually requires. At least I assume so...

> If anyone have a idea how that can work for me i would be
> pleased to check it out, thanks

I think you are lucky that a DOSDRV for Audigy exists.  The next
step will be finding somebody who can extract the DOS files from
the installer for you and send them. It might also be an option
to ask the Audigy people to do that for you, although support of
old hardware is usually quite bad when new hardware is sold more.

Regards, Eric

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