> I believe you that you tried almost everything; I still think that
> 0xffff shouldn't hurt, and CLI is even a bug

Tried both of those -- didn't help.  Came to a "reasonable" value of 200, which 
was far more long enough to work on any computer I had for testing, but did not 
take too long (and slow everything down to a crawl) when it failed.  I don't 
think CLI is a bug, since I don't want an INT 08 interrupting me during this 
process (though I have tried that, too).

> btw: while USB keyboards are nice, USB disks are even more popular.
> and then 'full speed' hurts big time (OHCI/UHCI disks are almost
> useless). whats happening with EHCI/XHCI ?

In the pipeline.  Just takes a long time with all of the distractions and 
minimal time I can spend on it.  I don't know about "almost useless", but they 
are definitely less than optimal.  Even at the minimum speeds, they are still 
faster and more reliable than floppies.

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