Hi Virii,

please check the install known problems section:


You are right that installing "all" includes some unstable
things such as old USB or network drivers which might crash
or hang during install. To avoid that, un-select packages
or simply install "base" freedos before "full" freedos.

> First of all, I'd like to get some more basic problems out of the way. After
> downloading the 1.0 'full' cd iso, and burning it to a disc, I was unable to
> boot into 'live' mode. I know now this is due to my PC only having a SATA
> DVD-RW drive. 

We are also testing 1.1 at the moment, Bernd can tell you more.

> Also when attempting to install FreeDOS from that full cd, I was unable to
> complete many functions, because it was looking for an ethernet connection.
> I have a ethernet hub plugged into my PC, but it's only used for FTP to
> other local devices. 

See above - I recommend to skip network and usb files at install.

> My only means of internet access is a USB 3G modem.

That is very unlikely to work in DOS. Try a network
card or onboard network chip. There are also devices
to connect to USB modems on one end and to network
cables on the other end. But maybe you do not really
need internet in DOS anyway :-)

> But... this leads to a problem of sorts for me.

Not really, you will probably be fine with BASE and
you can simply unzip extra packages from the CD later.

> How do I install many of the features I want
> like USB, SD Card, and SATA disc drive support?

SATA harddisk simply works by BIOS. For USB drives
and SD card readers, BIOS might help. Otherwise,
you can install the Bret Johnson USB drivers for
DOS or the demo version of the Georg Potthast ones
(which give faster I/O but only work for a while
after each time you load them)... For SATA DVD/CD,
you can use the UIDE drivers by Jack. All of those
are newer than 1.0 but you can just download them
in Linux, copy them to your DOS partition and then
unzip them there, read the docs, you know the rest.

> Eventually, I decided to go with the 'base' cd, and successfully installed
> the OS to a 5GB partition. I also found something called the ODD-DOS driver
> that I very hackneyed added to my AUTOEXEC.BAT, and fdconfig.sys, which
> allowed me access to my optical disc drive.

That probably was a somewhat old CD driver though...

> Here are my AUTOEXEC.BAT, and FDCONFIG.SYS pastes.
> http://pastebin.com/Gm9L8LVk
> http://pastebin.com/sk3z5BBm

Thanks :-)


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