On 7/18/11, Virii <emul...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Well in Linux, I'm already using 2 sound outputs. The card, and the onboard
> audio AC97. In Linux I just switch to the AC97 when I want to use the
> headphones. What about DOS though? Can it handle having two
> sound cards, plus onboard audio?

I don't think it would know the difference!!

> I found a Sound Blaster detection app linked to from this page. It finds,
> and sets, the blaster variable for the Yamaha I just plugged into this PC.
> The problem is that when I take that variable, and add it to my autoexec, it
> doesn't work.

Bleh. Try another tool like NSSI, perhaps? it helps more?


> I ended up setting the autoexec to call the BLASTER.EXE
> detection app itself at startup. Several of the apps, and games with
> auto-detection features now find the Yamaha card, but it still isn't
> outputting sound. Yes, I've already tested it in Linux. Maybe it's this
> Pentium 4, or MoBo BIOS causing issues? I noticed that it has some devices
> assigned (possibly dynamically) to the same IRQs in the BIOS.

It could be an IRQ conflict, dunno.

>> At the risk of a horrible idea, why not just use DOSBox under Linux?
> It's fine for 386 games like DOOM, but games like Daggerfall/Quake have
> major frame skipping/dropping.

IIRC, Quake "almost" runs perfect, though the sound breaks up
sometimes. Yeah, DOSBox = "fast 486" while Quake really needs a
Pentium (FPU).

You could try "core=dynamic", but that may? need to be directly
tweaked in the config file (only). Also, of course, make sure
"memsize=64" (also in config file only) so it doesn't swap to death.
(Hexen2: HoT doesn't even seem to load in default memsize=16. And yes
that gets choppy too, no surprise, it's Quake-based.)

> I like the idea of a smooth 60fps, and also
> like the idea of using the native environment OS.

Then say goodbye to sound!   :-(

>> I would rather suggest dosemu, which is faster and runs real FreeDOS.
> I've installed FreeDOS to dosemu. All I can say is that it's waayyy choppy
> slow, even without sound! DOSBox was better, but I already haveseveral
> programs running in FreeDOS fullspeed. (although without sound) :-(

Really? That's odd. DOSEMU should run Quake at native speed, even
under x86-64! (Yes, I've tried!) No idea why that is, but try "dpmi -m
0xA000" to see if that helps (doubt it, but ...). Seriously, something
is up if it runs *slower* than DOSBox!!

> BTW - Could someone points me towards a place to learn FreeeDOS specific
> syntax(es). This was one of the last files I edited when I used DOS last. It
> was me putting Windows 98, ME, and 98Lite all on one disc with a 2.88MB boot
> img. As you can see, the syntax I used is a little out of date.

I guess you mean the menu items in CONFIG.SYS (etc).


That file includes "docs/config.txt" (lists various CONFIG.SYS
settings, including "menu").

Other general help:


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