Op 17-7-2011 0:26, Virii schreef:
>> You are right that installing "all" includes some unstable
>> things such as old USB or network drivers which might crash
>> or hang during install. To avoid that, un-select packages
>> or simply install "base" freedos before "full" freedos.

I think the WGET or WATTCP package is pretty much responsible for some 
hanging and/or crashing because DHCP is tried after installation. 
Something doesn't work out there.

> Are these the drivers that wget would attempt to pull from the net?

FreeDOS 1.1 is from 2006, when those drivers didn't even exist yet.

>>> Here are my AUTOEXEC.BAT, and FDCONFIG.SYS pastes.
>>> http://pastebin.com/Gm9L8LVk
>>> http://pastebin.com/sk3z5BBm
> I was hoping someone might point out why the drivers wouldn't load in 'HIMEM
> XMS-memory' mode. I don't ever remember seeing '!' points in BAT files back
> when I had a mild familiarity with DOS.

I don't see any "!" in batchfile you linked. CONFIG.SYS has them but 
that's a FreeDOS menu feature for skipping F5/F8 (singlestep) questions 
for specific lines/commands.

> On a separate issue, my PC is older, but not classic native DOS old. It's
> from around 2005-06. It has a Nvidia 8400GS which seems to work fine, but
> it's sound card is the problem. I have a Sound Blaster Audigy SE. It works
> in newer apps like Mpxplay / QuickView Pro, but it doesn't work with any
> older apps that require SB compatibility it seems.
> Are there any generic SB emulators for (Free)DOS? I don't know much about
> the technical driver stuff, sorry.

I thought the SB Live and Audigy still had DOS drivers, but that it 
required installation in Windows first, possibly followed by contacting 
Creative Labs for the DOS drivers?

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