Op 18-7-2011 5:13, Juan Castro schreef:
> The first line (starting with "UIDE.SYS") stays there for 19 seconds.
> Then the second one (starting with "IDE0 Controller") stays there for 49
> seconds. Then I get that error message. In  a real machine, UIDE loads
> lightning quick.

I remember reading such a thing about VirtualBox somewhere before, not 
sure if it was UIDE documentation (just had a look but didn't find it) 
or something on the internet. Root cause unknown.

> Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/7rI2X.png

What you could try:
1) Adding /N1 to the UIDE commandline (at the end) to disable the 
handling and caching of harddisks, might speed things up a bit.
2) Try VIDE-CDD.SYS (Acer/Benq generic CD driver) if you can find it on 
the internet
3) Try OAKCDROM.SYS (from Windows 98 bootdisks)
4) Try the old drivers that UIDE is intended to replace: XCDROM and 
GCDROM if I remember correctly. Maybe they load smoother/faster?
5) Try other emulators for their behaviour. QEMU for example. You did 
already try real hardware
6) Report the issue to whoever owns VirtualBox (Oracle?).
7) Separate UIDE to its own batchfile (or menu item) and only load it 
when you need it. Don't forget SHSUCDX or MSCDEX afterwards :)

I'm not sure if any other quick-and-dirty method is available.
Are you using an ISO in Virtualbox or connecting a physical CD unit (if 
that's possible at all, that is) ?

By the way, the memory address for your IDE controller looks very 
suspicious. VMware uses I/O address 10E0h for Chip ID 80867111 (Intel 
Pentium 2 PIIX-chipset's PCI IDE controller)
Your screenshot shows D000h as I/O address (which sounds more like a 
memory address in upper memory range of A000-FFFF).

Guess I'll have to find out which PCI IDs are used in VirtualBox, check 
if one of them is unique (like the VMware graphics card PCI ID - though 
also a magic port exists) and check that during installation time and 
REM out UIDE by default if VirtualBox is detected. Not convenient.
I wonder how other operating systems solved this issue. UNIATA comes to 
mind as mass storage stack.


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