> Upgraded to VirtualBox 4.1, used the settings you said, and UIDE loads  
> fast
> now. (And CD access still works.) But I don't get an EDD error, I get  
> this:
>> UIDE, 6-16-2011.     5-MB Cache, CD/DVD name is FDCD0001.
>> No V2.0C+ PCI, BIOS I/O only!
>> CD0: IDE0 Secondary-master, VBOX CD-ROM, PIO.
> My UIDE command line is:
> DEVLOAD /Q %dosdir%\BIN\UIDE.SYS /D:FDCD0001 /S5 /N1
> Is that the expected behavior?

No, actually this is WORSE behavior!

Starting about 1994 with V2.0C of the PCI BIOS, there is a request
drivers can issue which returns "PCI " in the CPU EDX-register, to
say that a V2.0C or later PCI BIOS is in fact present.   When UIDE
does a scan for UltraDMA controllers on the PCI bus, it expects to
find this "PCI " value.   If not, UIDE assumes NO such controllers
are present, meaning no hard-disks nor CD/DVD drives use UltraDMA!

Note in your UIDE messages above that your CD drive is now a "PIO"
device, not an "ATA-33" drive (33-MB UltraDMA speed) like before!

I do not use and do not want VirtualBox, after all its problems as
users have noted on this list!    However, if you do want to go on
using it, I would seriously "gripe" to Oracle (or its maintainers,
whoever they might be!) that if VirtualBox now FAILS a 17-year-old
test for the PCI BIOS, they need to DO SOMETHING about it, QUICK!

Jack R. Ellis

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