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> I can't comment on Frotz specifically - I don't know what it is.


The Z-machine is a virtual machine that was developed by Joel Berez
and Marc Blank in 1979 and used by Infocom for its text adventure

The "Z" of Z-machine stands for Zork, Infocom's first adventure game.

Frotz was originally written in C by Stefan Jokisch in 1995 for DOS.

By 2002, development stalled and the program was picked up by David Griffith.

(Heheh, he's famous!!) Well that answers that.   ;-)

> However, if you are looking to target a 5150 or something similar Turbo
> C++ 3.0 for DOS and Open Watcom 1.9 are my current favorites.
> All of my mTCP work has been done with those two.  Turbo C++ doesn't
> optimize code as well but it is functional and has a smaller runtime
> footprint.  Open Watcom has a more full featured runtime, but it is larger.

But TC++ 3.0 isn't freeware nor easily available, right?? Maybe you
could check eBay, but it's probably wiser to just use (freeware-ish)
TC++ 1.01 or (better) OpenWatcom or similar. (Pacific C? Desmet C?
BCC/Dev86? Digital Mars? LSI C-86?)

Again, it's not that TC 2.01 is so bad, but TC++ 1.01 is slightly
better in a few ways (even ignoring the dopey C++ part, heh). And
OpenWatcom should surpass it even, but that requires 386+ host
(similar to DMC, though that is Win32-host only). But it's not for me
to decide for you what compiler is best: use whatever works!

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