For those of us that still have a copy in their box, DesqviewX might 
also be an option. I understand that its now considered "abandonware" 
and there is a download site for it, but you will have to Google, as i 
wont post it here, just in case it really isn't legit.

However i don't know how well FreeDOS will play with QEMM. ( i should 
try it.. i miss Quarterdeck :) )

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> Date: Fri, 06 Jan 2012 22:49:25 -0430
> From: Marco Achury<>
> Subject: [Freedos-user] x windows server for DOS
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> XAppeal is a proprietary X11 server for MS-DOS based on XFree86. The web
> used to be  but now appear to be death now.
> There is a mirror with a  demo version at:
> May be some of you will find it interesting

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