>> I encourage you to look around for what's there, and see if you can
>> move any of them forward. OpenGEM shows a lot of promise, but the
>> graphics are dated and could use a refresh. Since it's GNU GPL, I
>> imagine you could borrow from another GPL'd desktop environment, such
>> as GNOME.
> I don't think neither that this is feasible nor that this would make 
> too much sense. GNOME (or KDE, Xfce, <insert your favorite Linux 
> window manager of the day here> for that matter) are all just like X 
> Windows from their structure Unix/Linux based. Trying to force that 
> on a single tasking DOS, with limited resources probably requires 
> more resources/work than trying to somewhat modernize GEM.

I should have been more clear. I meant to suggest reusing graphics elements 
(icons) from Gnome to refresh the look of OpenGEM. I didn't mean to suggest 
borrowing code from Gnome to update functionality of OpenGEM. As you said, 
these come from totally different architectural backgrounds, so straight-up 
reuse of code is not a good use of time.

I had a conversation along these lines with Shane once, about the graphics, and 
he pointed me to a dev tool in OpenGEM that would convert graphics for use as 
GEM icons. I think it's been there since OpenGEM5.

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