>> I was about to post bugreport at VirtualBox bugtracker, but decided to
>> double-check the issue first. On my system floppy images change are
>> correctly recognized. VirtualBox 4.1.4-3.2.3 OSE OpenSUSE 12.1.

> The "issue" is that VirtualBox is not posting diskette media-change
> status in the BIOS data table.

the 'issue' is that VirtualBox clearly states
  'floppy without change-line support'

int13/15 returns '01h floppy without change-line support
int13/16 returns '06h change line active or not supported

but UIDE ignores this, and relies on change line support anyway.

maybe the real issue is that noone finds the time to do a tiny bit of
debugging the problem but finds a lot of time to write loooooong


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