>>> The "issue" is that VirtualBox is not posting diskette media-change
>>> status in the BIOS data table.
>> the 'issue' is that VirtualBox clearly states
>>   'floppy without change-line support'
>> int13/15 returns '01h floppy without change-line support
>> int13/16 returns '06h change line active or not supported
>> but UIDE ignores this, and relies on change line support anyway.

> You are WRONG, Tom!!

> UIDE has NEVER ignored if a diskette has change-line support!   It
> does in fact check the BIOS data table at 0:448h for bit 0 (change
> line for diskette A:) or bit 4 (change line for diskette B:).   If
> those bits are off, diskette A: or diskette B: will not be cached.
if UIDE would check INT13/15 if change line is supported, and not
cache the floppy if it's not supported everything would be fine (and
/N5 not needed)
I can't locate any documentation about 0:448

> My update to UIDE in adding the /E switch was simply to add a mask
> which is 011h without /E, 000h with /E, to "mask" against the bits
> at address 0:448h.   This works fine.
I prefer software that works without switches. at least if it can
handle the situation itself.

> But, if what you wrote above is correct, VirtualBox expects people
> to use ONLY the "Int 13h" requests, when determining if a diskette
> has change-line support.
wrong. VirtualBox tells you 'change line is not supported'
which part of this is difficult to understand ?

> And in any event, by indicating NO such
> support, as you also wrote above, they make it impossible for UIDE
> to cache diskettes anyway!
exactly. hands off these floppies.

>> maybe the real issue is that noone finds the time to do a tiny bit of
>> debugging the problem but finds a lot of time to write loooooong
>> emails

> To which I shall add:  Maybe you might have read the UIDE.ASM file
> before making any BASELESS and WRONG accusations about my drivers!
neither BASELESS nor WRONG.
and neither accusations. just stating that they behave suboptimal.


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