At 07:28 PM 11/24/2012, bruce.bowman wrote:
>This may be a FAQ.
>I have an old DOS program that I wrote and still want to run, but it 
>uses VESA 3.0 SVGA graphics, which are not [fully] supported by 
>later versions of Windoze.* To make matters worse, the program 
>writes to disk during operation, and no modern computer has FAT16 
>partitions anymore.
>So I'm looking to package the program on a CD with FreeDOS, DOS 7.1 
>or something that can provide DOS functionality and write to a FAT32 
>partition. And preferably, the program should autorun upon bootup.

Well, your main problem here is that in case of an machine running 
Windows XP, you are likely using a hard drive formatted with NTFS and 
not FAT32, which means you would be at the mercy of a working NTFS 
file system driver as well, and that is at least in terms of write 
access a bit of a gamble IMPE...


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