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>Hi all, dear FreeDOS community members! I please answer all to my questions:
>1. You want to have in the FreeDOS distribute more powerful text 
>editor as standard text editor?

Well, not the greatest fan of the FreeDOS EDIT, but in general it 
would be good if people have a choice, so if there's another one 
available, great. If that is to become "the standard", that might 
need to be seen...

>2. These editor must be only 8086 or can be 80386 (8086 machines 
>used only by nostalgy value by museum staffs)?

I am not a "museum staff", but I still have two 8088 machine (though 
I need to get around to fix the power supply in the Commodore PC10) 
as well as at least 3 fully functional 80286 machines...
IMHO, authors of FreeDOS related programs should consider to support 
machines as far back as possible. That includes the RAM usage...

>3. Editor must be written on the Pascal or BASIC language? I 
>convinced that the C language is does not work properly with the strings.

Looks like you need to get yourself more acquainted with C. Endless 
numbers of editors have been written in C...
Beside that, it doesn't matter, as long as you can provide the source 
code with it.
It's just that there are more "free" C compilers available for use 
with/for FreeDOS than for any other programming language...

>4. Editor must be have:
>4.1. Calculator;


>4.2. ASCII table;


>4.3. Inbuild cyrillic font;

I think very few users will care

>4.4. Support to external fonts;


>4.5. Support the copy/paste;
>4.6. Support the block selection;
>4.7. Support the line selection;

would consider that standard text editor features...

>4.8. Support the paragraph formatting;

Might depend on how you define this...

>4.9. Support the change case of the selected text;


>4.10. Have a inbuild BASIC language interpretter;
>4.11. Calendar.

certainly not

>5. Editor must be work in the graphics or text mode?

I don't see any purpose in using a "text editor" in graphics mode. 
IMHO, it will just cause code bloat and therefor increase RAM usage 
and make it slower.
Text mode is just fine, in almost all video adapters (still working 
today, Hercules maybe aside), you can get more than 25 rows or 80 
columns of text anyway.

>6. Editor in what license type:
>6.1. GNU GPL v2;
>6.2. GNU GPL v3;
>6.3. Apache license;
>6.4. BSD license;
>6.5. EULA.

Well, people in here prefer a "free" one. The definition of "free" is 
debatable though...


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