At 10:56 AM 1/30/2013, dmccunney wrote:
>I'm actually more interested in what editors people *do* use under
>FreeDOS, and why they use them than I am in some hypothetical new
Well, I am using the same editor(s) that I have always/long time used 
in MS-DOS/PC-DOS for +25 years...

For small things, I usually use my own adaptation of the BINED editor 
of Borland's Turbo Pascal Editor Toolbox.
It's a 63KB .EXE file of which about 20KB are actually directly 
attached overlays and help file.
Can edit up to 60KB of text (with lines up to 249 characters) faster 
than pretty much anything else, using an expanded WordStar/Borland 
keyboard layout

If I need to do anything larger than that, I use the SEE editor that 
came with DeSmet C. That one handles files larger than available RAM 
(no XMS or EMS though), the largest file that I have probably used 
with it was around 8MB...

Both run just fine from anything from an 8088/8086 CPU on upwards... ;-)


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