>> Bertho ???,

> You may call me Czerno, Herr Ehlert
your email signature reads "Bertho Grandpied <y31415926...@yahoo.fr>"
that translates to Bob Bigfoot, right ?

>>> You can't escape having to explain what "adverse effects" you were evoking, 
>>> now anyway.

>> command.com is a 'normal' program. just allocating DOS memory will
>> give you an environment at ~1800:0. not such a good idea.

> You are joking, Herr Ehlert, richtig ?
> Launching a basic FreeDOS+FreeCOM virtual machine while I'm typing...
> No upper memory. Using (Jack Ellis's, I think ) XMGR.SYS.
> MEM /D indicates the ENV would be at *526:0*, /not/ such a /bad idea/.
> And this is /with/ VMware's BIOS 5 kilobytes EBDA relocated low, mind you.

I recommend to apply your 'allocate low' change to FreeCOM yourself.
you will see what happens.

> Of course the kernel is in HMA, which may be what your reply eluded !

> And EVEN if for some reason HMA was not available or not given to
> the DOS kernel, what makes you deem an environment at ~1800:0  not such a 
> good idea ?
you would end up with
    3   K COMMAND.COM, (resident part)
    100 K FREE         (remainders of freecom before resizing)
    1   K   command.com environment (at ~1800:0)

> I this all your deep reason for forcing the master ENV up at 9xxxx ?
> In which way other than your respectable personal preference is it better?

> This is highly ridiculous. At least provide a choice. Leave it to 
> power /users/ to determine for themselves what memory layout is 
> best in /their/ situation.

> Ah, but - sorry, I was forgetting - you /don't care/ much about your users.
your are making things up - again.

you asked
  > How many users do you have ?
I answered
  I have no idea - and don't care.

> How do you say "arrogance" in German, Herr /Doktor/ Ehlert ?


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