On Mon, Jul 8, 2013 at 8:57 AM, Bertho Grandpied <y31415926...@yahoo.fr> wrote:
> What is the legal status of 4DOS in relation to FreeDOS ? There's a fully 
> baked
> product, could it become /the/ main FD shell ?

Unlikely to become the main shell (though that's not my decision
anyways). I'm honestly not sure how free/libre it is. IIRC, the
original license (when sources were released) was quite contradictory,
so I'm not sure if "commercial use" is allowed, which is indeed a big
restriction that OSI and FSF rally against. (Not to mention requiring
non-free tools. I don't think the partial patch to use OpenWatcom was
ever very successful, but I never tried, and certainly Lucho only used
old official MS tools.)

I don't know the details, I'm no lawyer. It's unlikely to ever change.
Feel free to contact the copyright holder (Rex Conn? JPsoft?) for
clarification, but then again, they may not respond (in any useful
manner), so don't get your hopes up.


Sorry to be so pessimistic.

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