On Mon, Jun 30, 2014 at 11:54 AM, Mateusz Viste <mate...@viste.fr> wrote:
> Sure there could be lots of additional features (like in any software) -
> I was trying to focus on the most classic vision of Sudoku, and do it
> right, instead of going into hundreds of features that I wouldn't have
> the time to finish. Of course it's not impossible that I'll add some new
> bits in the future, but I can't promess anything.

Standard disclaimer:  "Patches welcome!"  :-)

> Could be that the right click doesn't work for you. If that's the case,
> it's a bug, and I'd really like to know more about it.

In addition to my desktop (Lenovo), I tried on my laptop as well
(Dell). Same CuteMouse version (latest, 2.1b4). Same problem. (I
assume that rules out a BIOS bug.) Right click will erase, but if it's
already empty, it only temporarily flashes the number (full size).
Which is of course not what DOSBox does.

> About "Playability hardness": instead of relying on the embedded levels,
> you could use any *.sdm collection of sudoku levels, and convert it to
> the Sudoku86 format using the tool 'sdm2lev' included in the archive.

Sudoku supposedly originated in Japan, where it's very popular. I've
heard that some people pride themselves on hand-crafting each puzzle.
And of course the difficulty can vary quite a bit. Even our local
newspaper a few years ago started to include them every day (well,
before they went with the three-days-a-week abomination, I haven't
checked lately), from easy (Monday) to difficult (Friday).

Part of the appeal of aidan.c (from IOCCC '05) was generator and
solver in one. (And of course portability, even to lonely ol' DOS.)
But he lamented that you couldn't choose difficulty at generation
time. I've not tried thousands of puzzles, but the single rule seems
to be that it must have one and only one solution. I've heard that
some require you to literally guess (temporarily) instead of pure
elimination. That seems a bit too much! I don't like that at all.

BTW, my favorite text editor (which I've been using for years) is TDE,
and it has a Sudoku expansion pack. I only tried it like once, though.
(5.2 still isn't finalized. He said at one point that "Sudoku fans
will be happy", but I can't remember why.) I wish I could point to his
website to show you, but it never loads for me. He always seems to
pick the weirdest web hosts, which don't work (oddly).

http://tde.adoxa.vze.com/            (from .LSM online)
... just redirects to ...

So it actually loads now! I'm surprised. Anyways, here's what it says
(just FYI):

"Sudoku (21k): files to use TDE to play a game of Sudoku. More puzzles (52k)"

> Anyway, please let me know about your 'right click' issue, I'm really
> curious.

Naive guess: probably just some accidental residue, some register
value left unchecked or unrestored that DOSBox is somehow masking.

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