On 5/30/2015 4:29 PM, John Hupp wrote:
I have 3 old ISA sound cards that I was trying to get working in an old Pentium 150 machine with a default FD 1.1 installation. But so far no success. I list the card, a driver link, and my brief note for each. Perhaps one of you will have a known-good driver or a tip/trick for any of these:

Aztech Sound Galaxy Nova 16 (FCC ID i38-MMSN811 -- OEM'd for Packard Bell)


Turns out that it tests for Windows, and I haven't tried to fool it or hack it yet.


Media Vision Pro Sonic 16 (Jazz 16 chipset)


This is indeed for pure DOS, but the installer hangs at the step where it analyzes the hardware resources.


Ensoniq Soundscape PnP Wavetable Sound Card (Gateway P/N SNDCRD006ABWW)


This requires Windows but will also set up for DOS at the same time. I temporarily installed a W98 drive on this same machine, had sound working on it, then copied what seemed to be all the required pieces into the FreeDOS installation. The driver now initializes without error at boot, but so far I have not gotten any sound out of it with mpxplay or ACP CD player (though both act as if they are playing something). I have not yet tried a game or any other app.

One piece of good news: I got the Media Vision driver working. It turns out that the installer wanted to look, not just at the C: drive where FreeDOS is, but at the D: and E: partitions which had not yet been formatted. Once I formatted those, the installer worked as expected.
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