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> What I need for my Dell is a sound blaster pro driver that works on
> an ESS chip without windows being there. Windows turns the chip on
> somehow. The programs are for DOS running under windows. None of the
> drivers are for dos alone, even if they claim to be. Add windows to
> the background and they work but who wants that.

But what kinds of things are you trying to play on it?? What file
formats or programs?? Are you just looking for a universal driver that
emulates ye olde SB16 entirely (100%), thus working with (almost) all
"classic" DOS software??

Allegro 4.2.2 was the last DJGPP release, AFAIK. One of their examples
was PLAY.EXE, which could play *.mid or *.voc or *.wav. I'm not sure
if you need an additional PATCHES.DAT file (converted by pat2dat on
Soundfont .sf2 or whatever) for your particular machine.

Heck, maybe your machine isn't (properly) supported, dunno. All I'm
saying is that one of the few well-supported libraries / toolsets was
Allegro, so (generally speaking) it is one of the foremost things to
test if you're trying to see if your sound hardware works under DOS.

(Actually, I don't remember if PLAY.EXE was broken / regressed since
Allegro 3.1.2. I had put the older .EXE on my RUFFIDEA, and it worked
on my old AWE64, but that was years ago. No idea if either will truly
work for you, but it's worth a shot. Well, 4.2.2's version works fine
under DOSBox [SB16/OPL3], at least.)



A quick run of PLAY.EXE (without filename) shows the following
supported hardware:

Sound code test program for Allegro 4.2.2, djgpp
By Shawn Hargreaves, 2007

Usage: play [digital driver [midi driver]] files.(mid|voc|wav)

Digital drivers:

    ESC     - Soundscape
    ESS     - ESS AudioDrive
    WSS     - Windows Sound System
    SB16    - Sound Blaster 16
    SBP     - Sound Blaster Pro
    SB20    - Sound Blaster 2.0
    SB15    - Sound Blaster 1.5
    SB10    - Sound Blaster 1.0

MIDI drivers:

    AWE     - AWE32/EMU8000
    DIGI    - DIGMID
    OPL3    - Adlib (OPL3)
    OPLX    - Adlib (dual OPL2)
    OPL2    - Adlib (OPL2)
    MPU     - MPU-401
    SB      - SB MIDI interface

If you don't specify the card, Allegro will auto-detect (ie. guess :-)

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