Johnson Lam has posted an updated 5-Jun-2015 DRIVERS.ZIP file with a
single XIDE driver, in his "dropbox" at:

XIDE is now a single driver, using a /P switch to request high-speed
"protected caching", also a /X switch to disable overlap of UltraDMA
disk I-O with caching on an "old" or "odd" mainboard requiring this.
XIDE's overlap of UltraDMA disk input with caching is also improved.
Versus UIDE, the 5-Jun-2015 XIDE now offers up to 10% greater speed!

Note also that my support for the old UIDE driver is now TERMINATED,
due to Rugxulo's continuing "MAD Dog!" GRUDGE against me, that began
with his following 17-Mar-2015 post on BTTR:

Rugxulo is "miffed" that I refused to follow his ideas for upgrading
my PC, after SourceForge made virtually "overnight" changes to their
Internet security certificates, which I think was a MISTAKE!    But,
Rugxulo went on sending me more ideas, although I asked him at-least
twice to "Send me NO MORE E-Mails"!   If in the above post, he calls
this "arguing" with me, Rugxulo is a LIAR!!   It was only HE who was
intruding on ME, and nothing more!!

Rugxulo now takes EVERY chance he can to ATTACK me, as can be viewed
in all his FD-User and BTTR posts since 17-Mar-2015.   He is correct
in only one thing:  After his having recommended UIDE for years, his
above post is the reason I made the new XIDE a closed-source driver.
My drivers ALWAYS work, as they are always CHECKED by Johnson Lam or
by "Khusraw" (both, if their time allows) before Johnson posts them!
And if, after so long, Rugxulo now thinks he can make my using V6.22
MS-DOS into a FreeDOS driver "issue", Rugxulo is "Blowing SMOKE!" to
make himself look good, and he should be considered only as a FAKE!!

I'll BE DAMNED before I merely "give away" any more of my sources in
the face of Rugxulo's BACKSTABBING!   XIDE will remain closed-source
and I plan NEVER to do any more open-source work:  Too many absolute
FREAKS and "MAD Dogs!" to put-up with!!

Please do NOT address any further UIDE questions/comments to me.   I
now regard it as "defunct", and you now know why.

Jack R. Ellis

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