I just want to point out, that the DOS Additions for Virtual PC 2004 SP1 
can be downloaded free of charge:

This will let you download 
PC 2004 SP1.zip" which needs to be unzipped. Then unpack "Microsoft 
Virtual PC 2004 MSDN.msi" which includes "product.cab", which again 
needs to be unpacked. Finally, the DOS Additions are in the file 
"DOSAdditions", which is a standard 1.44 MB floppy image.

The .zip also includes a file called "VPC 2004 EULA.rtf", the Virtual PC 
2004 End Users License Agreement. It also states that Re-distribution is 
allowed. Only, the package must be included as a whole and the EULA must 
be presented to the user.

[X] Virtual PC
[ ] VirtualBox
[ ] VMware
[ ] QEMU

One checked, three remaining...


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