Dear Eric,

> Hi :-) Quick news from Jack's drivers: He has a closed
> source update for XMGR (more fail-safe 386 XMS move)
> and UHDD: The new UHDD has the interesting feature of
> read-ahead for cache sizes of at least 20 MB. It is
> a simplified version without I/O overlap and DOS RAM
> search table location and "/G" command line options.
> Sample copies can be requested from Johnson or Jack.

even closed, unfree, paid for software usually comes with a link so I
can find more description (rather then 'more fail-safe 386 XMS move'),
download it, see fee ( '25$ per PC'), limitations ('not for military'),
price and more.

but 'can be requested from Johnson or Jack', meaning
 'on a good day, Jack might decide to send you a copy.
  on a bad day, NOT.'

is the stupidest thing I have read for a long time.
this has no place on this list, and you should know that.

it's even stupider as most readers of this list have no email address
of Johnson or Jack.

just as a tiny side note:

I am only aware of 2 persons THAT CONSISTENTLY SHOUT.
Jack and the american president.


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