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> On 2017-11-04, 11:41, Dimitris Zilaskos wrote:
>> There some bad heated past definitely which hopefully will be cooled down by 
>> time

Have you actually *tried* his latest drivers on FreeDOS proper?? If
not, then why defend him?

UIDE has been closed source (and renamed) since 30 months ago, so it's
not getting resolved any time soon. He intentionally doesn't want to
cooperate and is punishing all users. I'm tired of hearing about it:
the drivers just aren't that useful.

"Just use Linux! [DOSEMU2]" No begging needed! It's Free, it works,
and it's *better* than UIDE. And yes, it still uses FreeDOS.
Seriously, we don't *need* his crap.

>> but ultimately like I said, there is a number of dos era systems that
>> people like myself may want to use with FreeDOS and [buggy] drivers are an
>> option to do that when available for use - in my case for example when the
>> reported issues with the supplied memory managers were not likely to be 
>> resolved
>> any time soon.

I assume you mean JEMM386. But you don't need that to run DOS. Heck,
you don't technically need XMS either (although that limits you a fair
bit). Same with CWSDPMI, not strictly necessary (for 8086) but very
useful. I don't regularly need or use JEMM.

>> So users such as myself may want to have as many options to get
>> these old dos era beasts working available to them.

Despite irrational opposition, we still mirror 2015 UIDE (with
sources) on iBiblio. I suppose they are considered "deprecated", but
they do mostly work. (It's later versions that I wouldn't recommend.)


> I too have a couple of old 486 systems and recently also two 286 laptops
> (yeah!) but I wasn't yet able to install FreeDOS on them. The first reason
> being that my first project, a desktop 486, doesn't have a CD-ROM drive and,
> natually, no USB either.

No floppy drive? How much stuff did you want to install?

I know it's not DOS, but Chromebooks are cheap. Make sure what you
want to do can't be done there. Even I have to admit that sometimes
"new!!!1" is just as good (or better) for casual usage. (I swear, some
claim up to 10 hours battery charge!)

> The only way to get FreeDOS on the HDD was to place
> it into a different system (a P4) and install it there. The bad news: this
> very HDD was too small for FreeDOS. So at that point I did give up

Obviously you don't need a big hard drive, minimally, but I guess it
depends on your needs and wants. Presumably you should manually
install and not try a "full" install here.

> My question to you is:
> Why not use real retro software on real retro systems? I plan to install DR
> DOS 5.0, which I still have a legal copy of.

AFAIK, DR-DOS 5 is compatible only to MS-DOS 3.3. Similarly, DR-DOS 6
is for MS-DOS 5. So you're using very old versions. I don't know why
you would prefer those over FreeDOS. (Of course, with MetaKern, you
can presumably use both.)

> ... since those programs are no longer sold.

DR-DOS 7.03 is still sold online. So is ROM-DOS 7. I would "maybe"
recommend WayBack Machine's copy of EDR-DOS 7.x (non-commercial)
instead, if you absolutely had to use some DR-DOS variant.

But I still think FreeDOS has wonderful (better??) compatibility, overall.

> Memory managers like Quarterdeck EMM (QEMM) and 386MAX come to mind.

Last I heard, QEMM maxes out at 256 MB of RAM, but I could be wrong.
(Maybe ask RayeR?)

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