What do these "Jack's Drivers" actually do?

    On Friday, November 17, 2017, 1:59:11 AM MST, Eric Auer 
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 Hi Rugxulo,

you are not going to make Jack any more kind by publicly
sharing all private email details of your private fight...

Jack does update drivers because he is a perfectionist,
but he is also known for not liking the FreeDOS community
(including in particular you) so it is no surprise that
he fails to make nice announcements, share sources, etc.
... which is why almost everybody here stopped to care.

I, too found it a bit silly that there even was a license,
and for a while even code, for preventing FreeDOS use of
the drivers. The "hack" problem was for one of the closed
source releases: Somebody used a debugger to deobfuscate
that driver to remove machine code which had deliberately
made the driver unusable on FreeDOS. You cannot STEAL free
software indeed but you can upset authors by spoiling their
ability to upset users :-p So yes, you can call it a HACK.
Note that this was many years ago, long forgotten by many.

So what should I say? We already know everything about the
situation. There is no point in reiterating again and again
that fights between humans keep machines from enjoying nice
drivers here, as this is not going to change that anyway.  
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