Hi Gregg,

> What do these "Jack's Drivers" actually do?

RDISK: Ramdisk

UDVD2: CD / DVD low-level drivers, UDMA, cache via UHDD

UHDD: fast UDMA disk I/O, cache (harddisk/SSD/CD/DVD)

XMGR: XMS / HMA memory driver

All drivers are optimized for low consumption of
DOS memory, while they can use large amounts of
XMS memory (RDISK, UHDD) if the user wants that.

XMGR can be combined with UMBPCI and JEMM386 for
UMB / EMS and can improve stability compared to
HIMEMX XMS / HMA and JEMMEX (all-in-one memory).

The disk / optical drive drivers help to improve
I/O speed and support various controller types.

Regards, Eric

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