On 05/13/2011 12:57 PM, nasir nasir wrote:

Two cases,

1) When I am testing this by manually mounting the nfs share(which is */xtra* )on the NFS server itself using the following command,
* #mount -vvvv -t nfs4 -o sec=krb5 nfsserver.cohort.org:/ /home*

I get whatever problem I described in previous mail(permission issues). Now this could be because here IPA is not managing the user/group permissions completely(Correct me if I am wrong in this assumption) and all the problem you described happen.

I think that, in order to have a complete set up, IPA needs to manage the user IDs for your NFS server. Otherwise, you will have to work at getting the userIDs in sync, and with out that, you do not have a workable NFS solution, and thus no Automount.

2) When I DO NOT mount manually and instead I try to login as a new user on the nfsserver machine, It creates the home folder for this user on the /home partition of nfsserver machine because automount is NOT working and hence there is no mounted partition to confuse things. So to be able to test it properly, I need to fix the issue in automount and get the case #2 tested and working properly with /home automatically mounted from the nfsserver.
This is my "*ipa automountlocation-tofiles default" *output,

*/-      /etc/auto.direct*
*/share  /etc/auto.share*
*/home   /etc/auto.home*
** -rw,sec=krb5,soft,rsize=8192,wsize=8192 nfsserver.cohort.org:/xtra/home/&*

Is this OK ? Please help.

If you don't do NFS, then you have no way to share the users directories. If you do the ipa-client option to automatically create directories on first login, or your users will a new unique home directory on each machine they log in to, which probably isn't what you want. I'm a litel confused by what you wrote above: why would you be mounting at all on the nfs server machine? THe NFS server should be exporting the FS, and logging in to that machine as a new user should correctly create the home directory. Unless, of course , you are doing something like mounting the NFS volume on /mnt/nfsexport, and then nfs mounting that to /home on the same machine, but that would be inefficient. But since it looks like your nfs server is specified as nfsserver.cohort.org:/xtra/home/ I'm guessing that you just mistyped above, or I misparsed it.

The nfs server should not do automount. And I think this might be part of the problem: you need it to do the rest of identity management, but not autmount. You can probably just chkconfig off autofs on the nfs server. I'm not sure if there is a cleaner solution.

Thanks and regards,

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    Thanks indeed!

    I tried your suggestions.

      -- I can mkdir
      -- When I try to chown, I get the following error

    *chown: changing ownership of `nasir': Operation not permitted*

    Could you please explain me what do you mean by 'You probably
    need rwx permissions in /etc/export' ? This is my /etc/export file,

    see the  '(rw'  in those lines?  That indicates read and write
    privs, but not execute.

    I'm not an nfs guru, so I might be wrong.  this post suggests that
    I am wrong:


    SInce IPA is managing the IDs, they should be in sync across the
    NFS and autmounted client machines, but there might be something
    not right in the setup.  if the IPA server isn't managing the
    machine that serves as your NFS server, then the IDs are certainly
    going to be out of sync.

    */xtra  *(rw,fsid=0,insecure,no_root_squash,no_subtree_check)*
    */xtra  gss/krb5(rw,fsid=0,insecure,no_root_squash,no_subtree_check)*

    Also, I have configured a separate client machine (RHEL 6.1) and
    configured it as NFS server (previously my NFS server was IPA
    server itself) and the result is same. All the above commands are
    from this client machine only.

    Thanks indeed again!


        *oddjob-mkhomedir[16401]: error setting permissions on
        /home/abc: Operation not permitted*

        It might be a root squash issue.  My guess is that the order
        of operations for creating a root directory, which is done by
        root, is:

        1.  mkdir /home/userid
        2.  chown uid:gid  /home/userid

        It sounds from the error message that the first stage
        happened, but NFS is not allowing the second stage.  To
        confirm,  as a root (and kinit admin) user on the client
        machine, just try these two steps in order and see if they
        still fail.

        chown is a different system call from mkdir, and might have
        different nfs enforced permissions.  You probably need rwx
        permissions in /etc/export.

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