I was trying to see whether I could mount the NFS share manually. Thats why I 
tested the first step.
I have two machines configured now. One IPA server and the other one as IPA 
client(with --mkhomedir switch) configured as an NFS server too. Here the /xtra 
partition with a home subfolder is the NFS export. Now when I create a user in 
the IPA server, from where shall I try to login first ? from the IPA server or 
NFS server ? or do you want me to try from a different machine ? In that case, 
I will have to install IPA client on one more machine. Currently cd 
/home/<someuser> is saying "no such file or directory" from both these 
machines.Here is my requirement in one sentence:
Whenever a newly created user is logged in from any client machine,  a home 
folder should be created in my NFS server under /xtra/home as 
/xtra/home/$USERNAME and mounted to the client machine she is logged in as her 
home folder.

Thanks and regards,Nidal

What is it you are actually trying to do here, mount every single /home 
directory? To test automount I tended to do: cd /home/<someuser>. It 
should be automatically mounted.

If your machine is configured to use IPA for identity then yes, it 
manages all users and groups (e.g. you used ipa-client-install).

And you configured this to automatically create the homedirectory, 
right? I wonder if there is a conflict/race with that.

This line apears to be ok. Does it work if you do cd /home/<someuser> ?

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