- Hi all.
   I've got a rather big domain environment with 10 distributed locations,
   and I'm considering using FreeIPA as an id manager for linux users and
   servers, alongside with existing AD, using trusts. In every location, there
   are 2 DCs for windows environment, and I'm thinking about deployment of 2
   freeIPA servers for each location, with replicas. This document states that
   I can't use more than 20 servers per IPA domain:

   - "No more than 20 servers and replicas should be involved in a single
   Identity Management domain."
   - How strict is this restriction? Is there any way I can deploy freeIPA
   in this situation, assuming that number of locations would increace over
   time? Is there any other limitations to integrate freeIPA in AD?
   - Thank you.
   - (sorry for poor english :)
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