My German friends who's countery to this day is still recovering from
Hitler. Those people at least outright said America has got to pull
together somehow. The best way to undermine the fear Giano, Drumpf, Fox
news, and CNN propogate is to counter it with upbeat things, and the truth.
The sooner we make it cool to go to dances and (frankly) not give a crap
about the skin tone of your dance parntner (for example) the faster you can
take power from these frankly Xenophobes.
They see someone in fancy regalia with a turbine chanting in a at least to
me super cool sounding language and SOME react with fear. I being a Zen
Buhdist that had the grew up on Skunworks with people that were clay
colored rolled their R's and told great jokes They made kick ass
programers., and skunks at least in my experience.  Some of these people in
wearing stuff that look like it's from Starwars have a ritual 3? or is it
4? times a day to go chant to their prohets, and praise their warriors. I
see Cody and Marcos not as itallian or Latina but as friends. We're gamers.
Play Pokemon Go, and perplex wedtech with out interest in it.
Back when I was a intern skunk at sun their was a kick ass guy named Baffar
(however that was spelled) . He also did some contract work with Standfords
Skunk Systems

Baffar and his SO rocked, Baffar, was a hire from Dad. He kicked ass. I
didn't care at all that he had tan, rolled his R's and lisp to his eyes and
H's. Come to think of it I didn't ask much about his coulture. As far as I
was concerned he was a friend and work colllegue.

-Stop pointing fingers (unduly) I admit to doing this as well. For one
thing WHO. CARES.  Where (some) of America's Xenophia came from.
The important thing to do now is figure out frankly fun ways to stop it..
Their is no honor it. It is not helping ANYONE.

-American's have got to admit they are doing a realy REALY bad job of
Comradery. Their are some exceptions. This list might be one.

-We need to stop saying and get out of this bullshit of oh my god it's the
Dems fault for the 99 issues. Oh it's the green, purple grey or orange
party. I've said it before. It's worth repeating again: My fucked health
care system realy, REALY doesn't give a shit what party were enough
assholes to have a pile of shit health care system.
I'm sorry someone that's a dick. Is just someone that's a giant dick.

-Voting was low this presidential election for many reasons. I'll be blunt
the system, and their for people rallied around two terrible picks: One
person is a neurotic, sociopathic, xenophic asshole. The other was polotics
as usual who's polotical ideals have failed so far. Another four years
wouldn't change one fucking thing.

-I hate to say it their's a large part of the midwest and south that see
blacks as housemades and words I'd get my ass kicked for using.  They
didn't see Obama as a man attempting to resolve at least 12 years worth of
assholery, and horribly horrible failed plans, with no infrastructure, and
a god awful education system
They saw hime as a____ and oh fuck how'd a ____ get to be president,
what're my kids gona due! What if my sone falls for that sexy ____ in his
class! we'll have bi-cultural kids!

-America's maslow is fucked.  If you don't the maslow system: food housing
basics MUST be consisantly meatable before ANYTHING else can get done. Zyg
Zigler(sp)  proposed when someones needs are not met, they snap. So this
election was a knee jerk about a whole bunch of people who felt powerless
to get there basics met.

-America's economy since 2005-2008 or so has been terrible every sane
measure has shown it just does not work.

-As far as I can tell America is one of the few, if not only countery that
does not actively promote comradery. Again their's exceptions.  FRIAM is
one. But those are the exceptions.  If people can't reach out to a system
for a set of saftey nets. Of course they'll snap and have blind rage at the
system. It's just a question of how they'll snap, and when.

-Do we realy need very expensive studies to show that extending basic
common sense and honor to your fellow humans is a good thing?

On Thu, Dec 1, 2016 at 11:22 AM, ┣glen┫ <> wrote:

> On 12/01/2016 10:11 AM, cody dooderson wrote:
> > Sorry, but I found the first article very disturbing. It seems like an
> opinion piece that might have come out during the rise of the Nazi party.
> It blames the 'parasitic educated' class, praises the virtues of the
> military service, and argues in favor racial segregation.
> > My very shallow reading on the rise of the Nazi party led me to believe
> that they had a very similar platform.
> +1
> On a slight tangent:  I'm still confused about why so many feel compelled
> to prefix "elite" with "liberal".  If this were really about anti-elitism,
> we'd see just as much silly spewage toward buffoons like Trump (who just
> knows better -- trust him -- he's the only one who can make america great
> again).  Despite my confusion, I'm inclined to believe it's because only
> really lazy people yap incoherently about "elitism."  The rest of us work
> our butts off to specialize ... elite machinists, elite cowboys, elite bow
> hunters, elite beer drinkers ...  I am an elite.  But I'm not a liberal.
> So, the bias(es) inherent in articles like this are blatantly obvious.
> > On Thu, Dec 1, 2016 at 10:27 AM, Owen Densmore <
> <>> wrote:
> >
> >     I love it. The Elites are getting hammered. Snobocracy is now so
> visible that it can be attacked for what it really is.
> >     ​    ​
> >
> information-voters/ <
> 30/stop-calling-people-low-information-voters/>
> >
> >     ​This was also referred to by this:
> >
> hitler-hysteria/ <
> hitler-hysteria/>
> >
> >     ​I love a good rant! Liberal Elites lost the election. Oh, wait,
> maybe we *are* LEs?
> --
> ␦glen?
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