I agree with a lot of what you're saying.  But we have to be careful with our 
demographics.  I would bet that most of the people who voted for Trump _have_ 
their basic needs met!  Granted, they may be worried about whether they _will_ 
have their basic needs met in the near or far future.  But for now, their needs 
are met.

Of course, Maslow's also talks about climbing the pyramid towards 
self-actualization.  Those with their basic needs met are more powerful and 
more capable of going to the next level.  If those who voted for Trump see the 
huddled masses as an obstacle to their rise to the next level in the pyramid, 
they will do everything they can to stomp on the heads of said huddled masses 
in order to move up the hierarchy.

On 12/01/2016 10:58 AM, Gillian Densmore wrote:
> -America's maslow is fucked.  If you don't the maslow system: food housing 
> basics MUST be consisantly meatable before ANYTHING else can get done. Zyg 
> Zigler(sp)  proposed when someones needs are not met, they snap. So this 
> election was a knee jerk about a whole bunch of people who felt powerless to 
> get there basics met.


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