The style matters. Oddly quite a bit. "Liberal elitism" is snobbish, aloof,
and patronizing. Note, it is not the way in which they are "elite", but the
"elitism" that rankles the most. Trump's
financial-elite bull-in-a-china-shop schtick looks and feels very
different, and there are many people who would much rather deal with it.
Bill Clinton was a friggin' Rhodes scholar, but connected with everyday
Americans, and wasn't, until he sought to get so aggressively dynastic, at
risk of the "liberal elite" label. I've not heard it leveled at Carter
either. On the other hand, Gore and Kerry reeked of it, and that was part
of their problem.

As the article says towards the end:
" “High information” people ignore evidence if it conflicts with their
preferred narrative *all the time.* And while it may be naïve for voters to
believe the promises of Trump and the Brexit campaigners — it has also been
profoundly naïve for the cosmopolitan classes to believe that years of
forced internationalism and forced political correctness were never going
to end with a large scale backlash."

Eric P. Charles, Ph.D.
Supervisory Survey Statistician
U.S. Marine Corps

On Thu, Dec 1, 2016 at 1:22 PM, ┣glen┫ <> wrote:

> On 12/01/2016 10:11 AM, cody dooderson wrote:
> > Sorry, but I found the first article very disturbing. It seems like an
> opinion piece that might have come out during the rise of the Nazi party.
> It blames the 'parasitic educated' class, praises the virtues of the
> military service, and argues in favor racial segregation.
> > My very shallow reading on the rise of the Nazi party led me to believe
> that they had a very similar platform.
> +1
> On a slight tangent:  I'm still confused about why so many feel compelled
> to prefix "elite" with "liberal".  If this were really about anti-elitism,
> we'd see just as much silly spewage toward buffoons like Trump (who just
> knows better -- trust him -- he's the only one who can make america great
> again).  Despite my confusion, I'm inclined to believe it's because only
> really lazy people yap incoherently about "elitism."  The rest of us work
> our butts off to specialize ... elite machinists, elite cowboys, elite bow
> hunters, elite beer drinkers ...  I am an elite.  But I'm not a liberal.
> So, the bias(es) inherent in articles like this are blatantly obvious.
> > On Thu, Dec 1, 2016 at 10:27 AM, Owen Densmore <
> <>> wrote:
> >
> >     I love it. The Elites are getting hammered. Snobocracy is now so
> visible that it can be attacked for what it really is.
> >     ​    ​
> >
> information-voters/ <
> 30/stop-calling-people-low-information-voters/>
> >
> >     ​This was also referred to by this:
> >
> hitler-hysteria/ <
> hitler-hysteria/>
> >
> >     ​I love a good rant! Liberal Elites lost the election. Oh, wait,
> maybe we *are* LEs?
> --
> ␦glen?
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