Concerning other Texmacs patches:
1) I Wanted to commit first 5 or 6 patches, but ATM Sourceforge
does not work.
2) the 'fricasintexmacs' completely
go against name conventions in FriCAS.  Some Lisps insits that
global variables are "intrusively special" which risks unintended
name capture.  Due to this Boot uses convention that first
character of such names should be '$'.  The same convention
applies to variables defined in Lisp files.  Also, long
runs of letters are hard to read, so it is better to split
names.  Lisp tradition is to use hyphens, but we want to
minimize escaping in Boot and Spad, so it is better to use
3) As I wrote '$fricas_in_texmacs' should go somewhere to
'interp' subdirectory, probably to 'int-top.boot'
4) The remaining (four ???) patches are closely related so this should
go as one patch.
5) As I wrote I am not sure about moving initializations routine.

                              Waldek Hebisch

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