>>>>> "Abigail" == Abigail  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

Abigail> Being the one who has given several talks about Japhs, I've decreed
Abigail> that a Japh uses the following rules:

Abigail>    - It prints "Just another Perl Hacker" with some reasonable
Abigail>      captalization, followed by optional punctuation (comma,
Abigail>      dot) followed by an optional newline. Some flexibility
Abigail>      in rules makes for more Japhs. Printing to either STDOUT
Abigail>      or STDERR is allowed.
Abigail>    - It doesn't print anything else.
Abigail>    - The program uses at most 4 lines, each line at most 80 characters.
Abigail>    - It uses obscure or surprising syntax.

Fine rules for JAPH version 1.0.  I lay claim to JAPH version 0.0, though. :)

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