Abigail <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Being the one who has given several talks about Japhs, I've
> decreed that a Japh uses the following rules:
>    - It prints "Just another Perl Hacker" with some reasonable
>      captalization, followed by optional punctuation (comma,
>      dot) followed by an optional newline.

What is "reasonable capitalization"?  I can see a case for 
capitalizing every word, I suppose (though I'd prefer 
capitalizing only "Just" and "Perl"), but what is the rationale 
for capitalizing "Hacker" but not "another"?  Unless you're 
writing German or 18th-century English or are related to the 
minister in "Yes, (Prime) Minister", it seems that "hacker" 
should be lowercase, like any other common noun.

Washington, DC

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