On 2011/04/26 12:26, Yersinia so eloquently wrote:
So there IS an easy way to name and secure my little network? If so, I
would greatly appreciate it if one of you wifi locksmiths could provide
me with step-by-step instructions. Here is the equipment list:

Router: US Robotics MAXg, Model 5461.


1. G4 Quicksilver 867. Tiger 10.4.11. This is the one I use the most to
go online. It picksup from the downstairs router using a  Belkin 54g USB
Network Adapter/Ralink Wireless Utility driver, version (Note
to Kris Tilford: I saw your posts about this awhile back, but I didn't
then, and still do not need or want to upgrade it.)

2. G3/800 iBook. Tiger 10.4.11, has built in Airport. I use this to go
online a lot and may soon possibly be using it online as much or more
than the QS.

3. G4 1.5 GHz Mac Mini. Tiger 10.4.2. I usually don't go online with
this machine (it's my dedicated Sims Box), but it does have built-in
Airport and on infrequent occasions I do pop open Dashboard (to look at
the weather widget) or Safari for a quick informational surf to a Sims

4. My BF's work PC laptop (running Windoze XP) also needs to be able to
occasionally join.

There is also a small but definite possibility I may play with trying to
get my pre-OS X Macs in on it, so it would be NICE if this would work
between 7.5.5 and 9.2.2.

If you download the manual for your router it should have instructions for password protecting your network (or maybe you have a printed manual?).

IIRC the classic Mac OS' only support 802.11b and WEP encryption, which as previously mentioned is less secure than WPA but better than nothing.



iMac 20" USB 2 1.25GHz G4 2GB RAM GeForceFX5200 Ultra 64MB VRAM 10.4.11

PB G4 15" HR-DLSD 1.67GHz G4 2GB RAM Radeon 9700 128MB VRAM 10.4.11

Mac Pro Mid-2010 2.8 GHz QC 6 GB RAM Radeon HD 5770 1GB VRAM 10.6.7

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