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"Hey look! 8-) it's sn0w1ng Macintoshes outside!" is AS SECURE as anything RPG will generate, because while it's true that a truly random password string is more secure against cracking, the passphrase chosen is secure enough. And
more importantly, I NEVER need to write it down....

Far too many people fetishize long, random passwords as teh shizzle of computer security, when they're not (and there's not a whole lot of evidence that they've been all that good at preventing compromise in the first place, mainly
because of the human element).

Yep.   From my user perspective -- every time a system forces me to
have a long randomized password, it guarantees that I have written it
down on a little yellow sticky somewhere.    If it forces me to change
passwords every few weeks, it triples the likelihood that the password
is scribbled down somewhere next to one of my desks.

And, to make this more topical, how much better of a password is:


as a password vs:


When someone hacks into the Sony Playstation Network and steals 77 million, yes 77,000,000 user names, passwords, security questions, addresses, birth dates and possibly CC information. Not to mention all the other large scale hacks recently.

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