On Apr 26, 2011, at 11:26 AM, Yersinia wrote:

> So there IS an easy way to name and secure my little network? If so, I would 
> greatly appreciate it if one of you wifi locksmiths could provide me with 
> step-by-step instructions. Here is the equipment list:
> Router: US Robotics MAXg, Model 5461.

USR has a nice easy-peasy tutorial here:


Just select the defaults of WPA2 and WPA (PSK), and TKIP & AES.

Choose a good passphrase mixing letters and numbers: "Hey it's sn0w1ng 
Macintoshes outside!"

Voila' all done. 

Now on each of your macs and pcs tell them to forget the connection and 
re-establish it, entering the passphrase as above.

Your old OS 9 machines may work, but 8 and 7 probably not. Use a wired 
connection for those. It means you need to be within about 100 meters (cable 
run) of the router. Unless your name is Trump, this is a limitation you're 
unlikely to reach in the typical dwelling :-)

Bruce Johnson
University of Arizona
College of Pharmacy
Information Technology Group

Institutions do not have opinions, merely customs

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