On Tue, Apr 26, 2011 at 5:50 PM, Yersinia <yersi...@myfairpoint.net> wrote:
> Anyway, I decided I didn't want those defaults. I want to use WEP open
> because it's best for my Trailing Edge equipment. I don't want to even
> try WPA2  because I'm scared sh*tless I'll end up locking myself out
> of my own network.  Hell, I locked myself out on my own porch in the dead of
> winter! :-{

To repeat for what it's worth, you simply can NOT permanently lock
yourself out of your network. The worst you can do is forget and lose
all the router passwords and need to go through the hassle of
resetting the router back to the factory defaults so you can go redo
the entire configuration process for the router and all your systems.
Extremely tedious, yes. A bricking of the router, no.

In the more likely scenario where you remember the admin password to
your router you can just plug an ethernet cable into your router (if
you haven't already) and then logon to router and change the Wi-Fi
security password to whatever you like. Again, tedious and annoying
but no more than that.

As long as you have physical access to your router you can always
configure it, one way or another. So don't worry about more than a
potential temporary lockout as a worst case scenario.

WEP is better than nothing. But it is just a screen door. Most folks
are either polite or easily discouraged and so won't breech a screen
door which is what Bruce's rational is counting on. But if you have
both a screen door and metal door with a security lock why not use the
stronger one? Why even bother with the one in a million risk of
encountering someone with no manners? I'm just sayin' ...

Of course, the other reason to use WPA2 is for those using 802.11n,
which is NOT the case here. The reason you would want to use WPA2 with
AES encryption with 802.11n is because if you don't then the  protocol
requires the router to limit the connection to 802.11g speeds. Or at
least that's what I've been told. Seems a rather odd requirement to
me, but it also strikes me a "foot pushing on the butt" attempt to
move people to a better security protocol.

-irrational john

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